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4 activities to help you discover Batumi

Every year Batumi is visited by many visitors who enjoy the city's outstanding and wonderful boulevard, beautiful nature, amazing views of the sea and they are filled with unforgettable emotions. However, there are many other activities and entertainment in Batumi that will attract your attention and fill you with positive impressions.

  • Cycling

If you like cycling, or you are just looking for an easy way to move, know that the 7-kilometer Batumi Boulevard road is at your disposal. Both the old and new boulevards have an unique charm, while cycling here you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the city as well as the sound of the sea waves.

  • Scrolling

It is a novelty for Batumi and it is designed to increase mobility in the city, in summer there are many tourists in Batumi, therefore the city is congested, and this electric scooter will allow you to move quickly in this city and enjoy walking. If you're visiting the seaside town brielfy and want to see everything, then scrolling is what you need. You can easily activate it with the corresponding application recorded in the smartphone. You just
turn on the camera, scan the QR code, press the unlock button and you
can move easily and quickly.

  • Cable car trip

Have you thought about what kind of view can unfold in front of you if you look at Batumi from above? I will tell you in advance that you will be really impressed, because the modern architecture, beautiful beach and the whole colorful Batumi will unfold in front of you. If you want to make all this a part of your trip, then visit Gogebashvili Street and take the cable car to Feria Mountain.

  • Visit the restaurant "Sanapiro"

One of the most authentic and truly Batumian places in Batumi is Beregi- Restaurant "Sanapiro", here you can taste Adjarian dishes on the seashore, try delicious desserts, enjoy Batumi coffee and at the same time enjoy amazing views. If you want to see the real Batumi and get to know it, then this is the place for you, where you may find yourself in a pleasant campaign of Batumi residents and become a participant of its history.

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