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Walk in rainy Batumi

Batumi is a magical place, it is impossible to convey the emotion and impression this seaside city gives you in one word or sentence. If you have already visited Batumi, it becomes a part of your life, which is why you will always want to visit it again. If you are preparing to go to Batumi for the first time, I can only say that you will be greeted by a small city with a big heart. But before that, I will ask you one question - do you like the rain or have you thought about what rainy Batumi is like?

If your answer is negative, then I will tell you that Batumi is called the city of rain, because here you can meet heavy, meidum, torrential or light rains, which often plays the role of the main character and suddenly changes the life schedule and plans of the people of Batumi. You might think that it would be nice to be cozy at home at this time and enjoy this amazing view from the other side of the window, but the rain in Batumi is a separate adventure, with the help of which nature speaks. Therefore, it is better to move away from the window, go outside, take an umbrella and follow the streets of Batumi. While walking on the beach, you can imagine yourself to be the hero of a movie, staring at the agitated sea and letting it to take your sadness away. Or go to your favorite place, to sit and just to think. After the rain, you will see an amazing sight when everything calms down and the sun shines again. During rainy weather, you can visit museums of Batumi and learn about the special culture of the city, or visit cafes and restaurants and taste Batumi's special dishes. All the time is at your disposal and you can choose the desired route according to your wishes and mood, or simply follow the path without any plan.

It's your turn, take a walk in rainy Batumi, see the city behind the curtain of rain, and turn your day into an adventure full of surprises and challenges.

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