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Modern architecture of Batumi

Classical architecture of modern and old cities is combined along the coast of Batumi. Because of this, Batumi is often referred to as the "Las Vegas of the Caucasus." In the 19th century, architects introduced the Western style to Batumi and turned it into an elegant city. That is why we present you the cult buildings of Batumi, which you should definitely visit:

  • Alphabet Tower - the strangest example of Batumi architecture. Located on the sea coast of Batumi. The symbols of the alphabet wrap around a scaffold-like structure that ends in a giant metal orbit. On the second floor there is a coffee and souvenir shop, an exhibition of Batumi photos, an information-tourist zone, a rotating panoramic restaurant, an open terrace and an observatory. The panoramic restaurant rotates 360 degrees and allows guests to see the views of Batumi for one hour.
  • Chacha Tower - Another dream project. The tower is an exact copy of the building that decorated the city of Batumi in the early 20th century. It is 25 meters high, on the top of which there is a view, on the 18th meter of the tower is mounted a clock. The name of this place is associated with chacha, as all guests can taste it for free.


  • Batumi Piazza - is distinguished by works of art, mosaic and stained glass. The square with the largest figured marble mosaic in Europe is another favorite gathering place for Batumi residents and visitors. Around the square there are numerous restaurants, cafes, hotels, a children's entertainment center, clocks with moving figures, buildings - built like little Italy, live music in the evenings and more.
  • Batumi House of Justice - Built in early 2010 to simplify government services and increase transparency. The House of Justice is a tall cylindrical building designed by Italian architect Michele de Luci.


  • Astronomical Clock - a landmark located on the reconstructed tower of the National Bank of Georgia. The clock is equipped with a special mechanism that, in parallel with the real-time display, allows us to understand astronomical information such as the position of the sun, moon, zodiac constellations and planets. It also shows the meridian, the horizon, the movement of the sun at sunrise and sunset, the age of the moon, and the actual movement of the moon around the earth.


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