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Paradise on earth - a place where the sea and the mountains meet

Adjara is a place where you can see everything, depending on what type of vacation you choose: you want to spend a vacation with your family and a quiet vacation at the sea, or you prefer adventures with friends; You are planning a trip to mountainous Adjara with backpacks and tents, if you choose the comfort of modern hotels - all types of vacationers in Adjara will find the desired environment.

There is a large selection of seaside resorts in Adjara for family vacations: Batumi, Kobuleti, Sarpi, Kvariati, Gonio, Tsikhisdziri, Chakvi and Green Cape…

  •  Batumi attracts lovers of active recreation by the sea, walking in the streets, city cafes and restaurants;
  • The charm of Kobuleti is the wide selection of beach, pine grove and bungalows;
  • Green Cape, Chakvi, Tsikhisdziri, Gonio, Sarpi and Kvariati, these places are designed for those who want to rest from the city and enjoy the beautiful nature.

After relaxing at the sea you can visit mountainous Adjara. The mountainous region of Georgia, Adjara, is famous for its beautiful nature and historical monuments. If you decide to spend your summer holidays in Adjara, be sure to plan a trip to the suburbs of Adjara and enjoy the picturesque beauty of its nature, which is offered by the mountainous region: Khelvachauri, Keda, Shuakhevi, Khulo and Kobuleti offer completely different impressions and adventures. Each municipality is distinguished by its rich culture and traditions.



For those who are interested in extreme adventures, you can go boating or scootering, paragliding or parachuting while vacationing at the sea in Adjara, but Adjara offers many other routes beyond the sea. For extreme recreation, for example, start with the zip line of Mtirala National Park and hang in the air between the trees, on the ropes in the forest. You can also arrange a bike ride to the village of Merisi, 27 kilometers from Batumi. Merisi is a small village with a Colchian boxwood forest, a waterfall, tree-lined orchards, a thirteenth-century arched bridge and the beaches of Chorokhi, where rafting tours take place. Rafting on Chorokhi is one of the most attractive sports for extremals in Adjara.

Adventure tourism lovers can observe the landscape and visit the protected areas, Mtirala, Kintrishi and Machakhela valleys. "Machakhela Rifle Road" is one of the most interesting routes in Adjara, which allows you to visit the Tskhemlara Arch Bridge, waterfall, the ruins of Gvara Fortress, the museum located in the beautiful 200-year-old mosque in Zeda Chkhutuneti and the beautiful nature of Machakhela National Park: Kokoleti, Twin Waterfall and Archangel Trails. In Mtirala National Park you will find biennial water mills, a lake, a waterfall, pristine Colchis forest and rhododendron flowering in spring.

A must-see place for adventure lovers is Green Lake. This route also includes the alpine botanical garden of the resort Beshumi and Goderdzi.

Adjara - the most beautiful historical-geographical part of Georgia, the visit of which will change your life forever. This is a place where any person will be able to discover themselves.

Exquisite mountain and sea landscapes, a wealth of natural reserves and beautiful parks, excellent cuisine and original traditions complement each other and attract Georgian and foreign tourists alike - this is a place you will never forget and where you will always want to return.

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