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Adjarian Cuisine

Food and wine production are deeply rooted in the history and identity of Adjara, making them an essential part of the region's promotion, branding, and preservation of local traditions and authenticity for tourists. Adjarian cuisine is renowned for its unique dishes, preparation techniques, and table-setting rituals. Locals primarily use vegetables, grains, milk, and meat products in their dishes. In this blog, we present some of them, the real taste of which you can feel only in Adjara.

  • Sinori

A nutritious dish made from a skillful mixture of specially baked dough sheets, dough, and erbo. Don't miss out on trying this delicious and unique dish.

  • Borano

During the preparation of Borano, spun cheese is poured into hot water and burnt butter or mountain spun cheese is poured on top, after it is sliced ​​and soaked in hot water, it is placed in a cold ketsi, an earthenware frying pan and burnt butter is poured on top. The dish is tasty and nutritious, it goes very well with maize bread, and it is mainly served for breakfast and dinner. Borano is prepared in different ways, for example: with potatoes, eggs, and corn flour, but in the old and traditional way, borano is made only with cheese.

  • Iakhni

Is a popular beef dish found throughout Ajara, but especially in the town of Kobuleti. The meat is cooked with a variety of spices to give it a distinctive flavor, and it's considered an essential part of the local cuisine.

  • Kalajo

Maize bread and cheese are a distinctive part of the Georgian table. Adjarians prepare kalajo from already cold maize bread. Two cups of water are added to one spoon of burnt yagh, then a large tablespoon of curds, and a little salt to taste, and when all this boils, they add maize bread broken into small pieces. Kalajo has different flavors some add garlic and others add walnuts.

  • Baklava

The most popular and crispy sweets are made with very thin layers of dough, finely ground walnuts or hazelnuts, and clarified butter is added between the layers. Baked baklava is topped with syrup, when it cools down and the sweetness between the layers settles well, after which it is cut into pieces. Its taste is truly unforgettable.


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