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Construction is underway in Batumi, New Boulevard, 61 Sheriff Khimshiashvili Street, next to the metro city shopping center.

You can see the map to find the exact location.


Construction has started, at this stage, the removal of the internal and neighborhood from the 18th to the 23rd floor is in progress. At the same time, from the 7th floor to the 17th floor, geodesy marks are being placed for stretching the floor. 


  • Construction will be completed by May 31, 2025;
  • Arrangement of commercial floor construction is completed (after the arrangement of load-bearing structures of the commercial floor, an average of two floor load-bearing structures will be arranged in each calendar month);
  • Arrangement of load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures by floors will be completed in October 2022;
  • Local engineering utility networks of general use will be completed in May 2023;
  • Landscaping, apartment renovation and exterior finishing of the building will be completed in May 2025.

Solis Residence is building one twenty-six-storey apartment in Batumi, the complex includes 264 apartments (10 apartments are located on the floor)

In the complex you will find three types of living space:

  • Studio type apartment
  • One bedroom apartment
  • Apartment with two bedrooms

Which in turn is divided into five categories:

  1. Panoramic sea view,
  2. Direct sea view,
  3. Partial sea view,
  4. A small part of the sea view,
  5. Without sea view.


  • Minimum area - 30.3 Square meters;
  • Maximum area - 102 Square meters.

The complex has a total of 211 studio-type apartments available.

  • With Sea view 155 - (30.3 - 43.8 M2);
  • With partial sea view 31- (37.4 - 42.8 M2);
  • Without sea view 25 - (35.8 - 36.4 M2).

Minimum / maximum square footage 30.3 m2 - 43.8 m2.

A total of 39 two-room apartments are available in the complex.

  • With sea view 15 - (68.9 - 81.7 M2);
  • With partial sea view 24 - (58.1 - 80.6 M2);

Minimum / maximum square meters -58.1- 81.7 m2.

A total of 9 three-room apartments are available in the complex:

  • Apartment with the sea view - 9 (83,8 - 104.5 m²).

Solis Residence offers an interest-free internal installment until May 31, 2025.

The standard payment terms for buying an apartment are as follows: The initial payment amounts to 30% of the total value of the apartment, and the monthly minimum payment is 1490 GEL.

At this stage, the apartment can be purchased with a 30% initial payment of the total cost, it is also possible to negotiate with a personal advisor for certain types of apartments, where you will be able to buy on special terms - without the initial payment, you must call the hotline number 032 2 04 02 02 or +995 592 90 20 20

In case of a single payment, there is a discount of 298 GEL per square meter. 

By non-cash payment, based on the account number specified in the contract, or on the basis of an invoice sent monthly by our financial department.
In case of one-time advance payment of one year fee, the "owner" receives a 10% discount.


Yes, the project is fully funded by TBC Bank, therefore you can take use TBC Bank simplified mortgage loan.

You will only need an ID card for the internal installment of the Solis residence.

  • In case of internal installment, the present purchase agreement is concluded, where you are mentioned as the future owner. When the deposit reaches 50% of the value, we register it in the public register;
  • In case of single payment you automatically become the owner of the apartment, we register the agreement in the public register.

You can call us:

T.  +995 0 32 204 02 02
M. +995 592 90 20 20


Contact us from abroad via Viber or WhatsApp on the number: +995 592 90 20 20


Batumi, New Boulevard, 61 Sheriff Khimshiashvili Street.

You can see the map to find the exact location.


Monday through Saturday - 10: 00-19: 00

Also, of course, it is possible to schedule a meeting at your preferred time, during non-working days and hours.


The building has a parking lot for 60 cars on the yard terrace and on the ground floor. There will also be smart parking behind the building;

The exterior façade wall is constructed of 20 cm thick foam blocks, lined with energy-efficient glazed floor. Part of the facade will be covered with modern aluminum composite panel according to the project.

Near our building, according to the General plan, a square will be made, trees will be planted and benches will be placed, as well as a modern electric smart car park.

Unlike the surrounding residential buildings, our project uses piles. A total of 637 piles were arranged.
The resilience of the building is designed for a 8 degree magnitude earthquake.


Our after-sales service includes both common space maintenance and rental services.

The total space maintenance fee will be $ 1 per sq.m.
(For example, if the area of ​​the apartment is 30.1 sq.m., the monthly fee will be $ 30.1).

Obligation to take care of common property means the obligation of the "executor" to carry out at his own expense and material and technical means the following:

  • Entrance cleaning, lighting and its ongoing repairs;
  • To have the elevators in good condition for 24 hours;
  • Facade maintenance, ongoing repairs and lighting;
  • Roof maintenance, ongoing repairs and lighting;
  • Yard maintenance, ongoing landscaping and lighting;
  • Maintenance of fire safety infrastructure;
  • Maintenance and ongoing repair of utility infrastructure (water, sewerage, electricity, telephone, internet, television and other utilities) located in the public utility section;
  • 24-hour security system and 24-hour video surveillance.


Buy an apartment in a house under construction.

  • Concluding a pre-purchase agreement between the construction-development company (seller) and the buyer.
  • Paying money according to the schedule provided by the agreement.
  • Registration of property in the public register. When buying an apartment in a house under construction - two contracts are concluded, one preliminary and the other final. The preliminary contract includes: - The obligation of the company to deliver the house within the specified time and in the condition specified in the contract (wall layout, windows, doors, etc.) - The parties are obliged to sign a final contract in the future. -After the signing of the preliminary contract until the conclusion of the final contract, the buyer is registered as the future owner of the apartment.

 By the moment of concluding the final contract, both parties must fulfill their duties: the company shall build and deliver the house within the terms and condition specified in the contract. The buyer is obliged to cover the cost of the apartment to the end. The apartment purchase agreement will then be registered by the buyer in the public register as his/her property.

Documents required for registration in the public register:
1. Application (electronic option for the application receiving operator).
2. Copy of ID card.
3. Apartment plan.
4. Receipt confirming the cost of registration in the public register. (Registration service can be paid at the public registry on the spot) If you are a trusted person of an interested one, then you need to present a power of attorney certified by a notary and a copy of your identity card.

Registration of real estate rights in Georgia is carried out by the LEPL National Agency of Public Registry. Accelerated property registration can be done in 1 day. The following documents are required to purchase real estate:

  • Application (electronic application is filled in by the recipient operator in the public register);
  • Identity document;
  • Dully certified agreement on the origin of ownership of the apartment / unit; (Made by the company free of charge);
  • Dully certified representation document (if you are a representative of the person interested).


In order to sign a real estate purchase agreement, you need your ID card and a document confirming the amount of real estate payable under the agreement.

Foreign citizens can buy real estate in Georgia no matter which country they are a citizen of.

In the case of a foreign citizen, the agreement for the purchase of an apartment is concluded in 2 languages, on in the National language of Georgia - Georgian and the other one – in the language of the buyer. Both copies have legal force.

Yes, a foreign citizen can easily buy real estate in the territory of Georgia with an identity document, based on a previous lease agreement between the seller and the buyer, and the registration of the property requires the power of attorney of the trusted person and an identity document.
In order to buy an apartment in Batumi, foreign citizens from outside Georgia need:
To send a general power of attorney to a trusted person in Georgia. A copy of the notarized ID card of the notarized person, as well as the contact details of the notary public (telephone, E-MAIL) Before registration, the public registry employee should be able to contact the notary and verify the authenticity of the document.
The trustee then files a property registration application with the trustee. It takes two months (at least two weeks in practice) to verify the power of attorney and register the property after submitting the application to the public registry. When the extract from the register is ready, it can be checked on the official website WWW.REESTRI.GOV.GE. Each extract from the registry has a unique barcode, no wet stamp certification required.
Citizens of Georgia can sign a general power of attorney at a SKYPE-TO conference in the presence of two relatives or friends in Georgia who can confirm the identity of the principal (data requires their passports or ID card). In this case, it is possible to register everything in the public register in one working day. The money will be transferred to the bank account of the development company under construction. The contract is signed in scanned form, after the owner arrives in Batumi, on the basis of a preliminary agreement (and after full payment), the main purchase-sale contract is signed.

To buy an apartment through a trusted person, you need:

  • A power of attorney;
  • A copy of the notarized ID card by the notary public;
  • The contact details of the notary public (telephone, E-MAIL). Prior to registration, public registry staff should be able to contact a notary and verify the authenticity of the document.

A natural person is exempt from property tax in Georgia until his / her annual income (meaning income received/declared on the territory of Georgia) exceeds 40,000 GEL.


Residence permit is one of the grounds for a foreign citizen to enter Georgia and stay legally.
A foreign citizen is granted a temporary or permanent residence permit, provided that there are grounds for a residence permit. Temporary residence permits are issued in Georgia with the right of temporary residence, including short-term residence permits issued to foreigners and their family members if the foreigner owns real estate in the territory of Georgia in accordance with Georgian law, the value of which exceeds the equivalent of 100,000 USD in GEL. Short-term residence permit is issued for a period of 1 year, which can be extended according to the period of ownership of the real estate (apartment)


Yes, Solis Residence has a rental service, from 2020 to May 2025, together with the sales the company promotes the brand's popularity, positioning, which guarantees that Solis Residence will be one of the most famous apart hotels upon its completion for those who want to relax by the seaside.


In exchange for the transfer of the right on the hotel apartment owned by the Lessee (individual) to the Leaseholder (Solis Residence) with the usufruct rights, the Leaseholder pays the rent fee to the Lessee, which amounts to 91 (ninety-one) percent of the total amount remaining after deducting VAT and utility (electricity, water, internet and television) from the total income received from the use of the hotel apartment only.
The rent fee is paid before the 25th of the following month of each reporting month, by transfer to the bank accounts submitted by the "lessee".


See average statistics for studio apartment rentals.
This calculation is an assumption based on statistical data from Batumi.
In case of purchasing the apartment for investment, taking into account the seasonal and non-seasonal period, the average daily rent of the apartment is $ 56 (equivalent in GEL), which will give us an average of $ 10650 (equivalent in GEL) at the end of the year. Rental service (apartment management, insurance, general maintenance of the complex (complex service fee $ 1 (equivalent in GEL)/m2), utility bills, room maintenance (cleaning and laundry work), 5% income tax) commission fee, after which your net profit amounts to average $ 7502 (equivalent in GEL).


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