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Batumi: City of Versatile Art

Batumi, the second largest city in Georgia, is more than just a prominent Black Sea resort; it's also a city bursting with creative vitality that continues to intensify. Urban renewal projects and street art festivals have significantly influenced Batumi, turning the city center into a vibrant gallery showcasing works by both local and international artists. Impressive pieces of street art resonate with the seaside ambiance of the city and capture the unique spirit of the Ajara region.


An influential project for Batumi's street art scene is the annual Batumi Graphic Art Festival, which has been running since 2013, and many notable works have been created within its framework. Artists from France, Iran, Germany, and other countries have come to Georgia to collaborate with local artists. As part of the festival (usually held in August), a variety of events are offered that the public can participate in.



Batumi stands out not only for its street art but also for the diversity and uniqueness of its sculptures. Upon visiting any city, you often seek out interesting "photo zones" or sculptures to capture memorable snapshots. In Batumi, you'll have more than just a few of such opportunities. Some monuments narrate poignant stories, while others amuse you with their whimsical concepts.


The sculpture "Ali and Nino" - brings to life the characters from a novel, narrating the tragic love story of a young Muslim man and a Georgian princess named Nino. This colossal statue of two individuals separates and then reunites every 10 minutes. The spectacle becomes even more mesmerizing at night when the lights are turned on. The glow of the figures will imprint a lasting memory in your heart.

The statues with hearts - unique metal sculptures situated on the beach—include a golfer, a couple in love, and other characters. Though the sculptures are created simply, they generate an unforgettable ambiance, adhering to the adage that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. These statues have indeed become a true symbol of Batumi.

The statue "Me, You, and Batumi"- a bronze structure situated in the "Wonder Park"-invites all tourists to indulge in traditional Batumi coffee. Crafted by Irakli Tsuladze, this sculpture was opened in November 2012.



Let's not forget the mosaics - There are numerous mosaics that truly stand as works of art. A shining example is the "Octopus" mosaic in Batumi, which has been honored with the status of a cultural heritage monument and deserves to be on your must-visit list while touring Batumi. The "Octopus" is one of the most renowned mosaic structures, not only in Batumi but also throughout Georgia. The primary structure of the building was constructed by manually bending special metal, which was then filled with liquid glass. The exterior is embellished with colorful fragments and various shapes evocative of the sea. Another renowned mosaic in Batumi is the piece located on the building of the Dolphinarium. The mosaic, created in 1974, depicts figures of dolphins and swimmers.


So, take a stroll through the streets of Batumi and immerse yourself in a blend of contemporary and historical pieces of art.

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