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Significant facts and places in Adjara

The capital of Adjara, Batumi, is built on the shore of a deep, well-protected natural harbor - Batumi Bay, at the confluence of the Bartskhana and Korolisskali rivers. It is an ancient city, as a result of archaeological excavations in this area the remains of the settlement of BC II-I millennia of were discovered. In ancient times, the territory of Batumi was included in the boundaries of the Kingdom of Kolkheti, later it became part of the Kingdom of Egris, at the end of the 8th century it joined the Kingdom of Abkhazia, and from 1008 it became part of the Kingdom of Georgia.


The Adjara coast has a subtropical climate, so it is characterized by warm winters and hot summers. The coastline of the Black Sea is more humid than the mountainous municipalities of Adjara. High mountain areas are distinguished by heavy snowfall, which sometimes reaches several meters. That is why the temperature in summer is lower 22-24 °C in the lowlands and 17-21 °C in the highlands. In winter, the temperature in Batumi is 4-6 °C, while in the highland municipalities it reaches 3-2 °C. The average annual temperature is 14.5°C, in January it is 7.1 °C, in August it is 23.2 °C. Precipitation — 2560 mm per year. Relative humidity — 81%.


Adjara is distinguished by its unforgettable and attractive beaches, when you see them, you get an amazing sense of peace and freedom and you are filled with positive emotions. When visiting Adjara, you should definitely visit: Batumi, Tsikhisdziri, Kvariati, Kobuleti and Green Cape coastline.

Protected Areas

Adjara with its varied nature and contrasting landscapes is one of the outstanding parts of Georgia. The wealth and diversity of the nature of this place is demonstrated by the abundance of protected areas and natural reserves. When visiting Adjara, be sure to visit Kobuleti and Kintrishi protected areas, Mtirala and Machakhela national parks.

Modern architecture

The modern and classical architecture of the old city is combined along the Batumi coast. Because of this, Batumi is often called the ''Las Vegas of the Caucasus'' In the 19th century, architects brought Western style to Batumi and turned it into an elegant city, visiting which will fill you with amazing emotions. Therefore, while in Batumi, be sure to visit: Alphabet Tower, Chacha Tower, Batumi Piazza, Historical House of Batumi, the Astronomical clock, and so on.

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