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Europe Square of Batumi

Batumi is a distinctive place in the whole Black Sea region with old and new architectural buildings, an ancient port, a botanical garden and a boulevard, world-class high-class hotels, cafes and bars. Here is everything for you to relax, get to know the life of Batumi and give yourself an interesting adventure.
When visiting Batumi, you should definitely visit the landmark in the middle of the city - Europe Square. The square decorated with XIX-XX century architecture is the face of modern Batumi, which is a favorite place not only for tourists but also for Batumi residents. Here is a statue of Medea holding a golden fleece in her hand as a symbol of the greatness and strength of ancient Colchis.

On the square you will see unique buildings and a fountain. Even the superb synthesis of old facades and new buildings is especially appealing at night. It is noteworthy that in recent years this place has hosted a number of international-level concerts. Concerts of different Georgian and foreign stars were also held here: Carreras, Bueno Vista, Andrea Bocelli, etc.
While visiting Europe Square, you can learn about the history of the last century, enjoy the architecture or visit the cafes, restaurants around the square and taste the most delicious Adjarian dishes. This is a truly thrilling place that creates a wonderful atmosphere and is waiting for you to tell its story.


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