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Interesting facts about Batumi boulevard

The boulevard is the most popular place in Batumi, which has the status of a cultural heritage monument and offers people interesting adventures and emotions. Here are some facts you need to know about the boulevard before you decide to visit it.
  • The cultivation of Batumi Boulevard was started by the Prussian gardeners Wrestler and Reier in 1881 and its existence has been going on for three millennia;
  • Batumi boulevard presents different flora and fauna. Here you will meet more than 140 animals and more than 40 thousand species of trees and plants;
  • In 1863, the Batumi Lighthouse was built, which, along with its technical function, has the status of a cultural heritage monument. This example of architecture is distinguished by a unique location where the 41-degree parallel of latitude and longitude coincide;
  • In 1884 an alley was built, which was called "Alley of Magnolias" because of its evergreen plants;
  • In 1981, according to the sketch of the artist Zurab Kapanadze, Cafe Fantasy was built, which is a work of mosaic art and has become a business card of Batumi for years;
  • In 2009 the area of the boulevard increased up to 7 km. Which is an excellent example of the synthesis of the modern architect and landscape;
  • The symbol of the boulevard is the colonnades of antique style. Its idea belongs to Ivane Mchedlidze, a doctor from Batumi, who brought the project from Sorrento, Italy in 1930 with the help of Maxim Gorky.
The boulevard is considered to be the business card of Batumi today. You can visit it at any time of the year and visit the beautiful magnolia alley, Batumi lighthouse and colonnades. Here you will hear the history of Batumi from strangers, you will be able to visit the beach and make Batumi your part.
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