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6 ideal places for camping

The environment we are in on a daily basis creates a kind of routine feeling that resembles a boring reality. People often want to get rid of this reality and find an environment that will allow them to relax. Camping is the most interesting method of escaping from the rhythm of urban life and getting to know the world. A kind of journey into the past, where you spend time with nature together with the people you love. Surrounded by new experiences, beautiful nature, small tents and lots of free time to see yourself in a new way.
Batumi creates an ideal environment and offers 6 places for a harmonious relationship with nature:
  • Mtirala National Park is located between Kobuleti, Keda and Khelvachauri municipalities. The national park is located 25 km from Batumi and 27 km from Kobuleti. There is 4520 mm of rainfall all year round, which makes Mtirala the wettest place in the country. The toponym "Mtirala" was named after the mountain because of the abundant rainfall. Mtirala National Park is distinguished by a variety of flora and fauna, most of which are included in the Red Book of Georgia. There are two zones here - family and tourist, where in addition to camping you can engage in many activities, such as: "Zip-line", "Rope Park", "Quadro Tour", "Horse Tour".
  • Shuamta - a small village in the middle of the forest mountains, 20 km from Batumi, 2 148 m above sea level. Located at a height. This place, in addition to the beauty of its distinctive nature, is known as a bird of prey migration corridor, where there are checkpoints and numerous platforms for bird watching. Also here you will find the ruins of an ancient monastery that allows you to travel back in time.
  • Chirukhi - is located in Shuakhevi municipality, 100 km from Batumi, at 2148 meters above sea level. The nature hidden in the alpine zone allows you to enjoy every detail of the environment.
  • Kintrishi National Park - located in Kobuleti, in the gorge of the river Kintrishi, between the village Tskhemvana and Khino mountains at an altitude of 300-2500 meters above sea level. Its total area is 13514 ha. The gorge is located 55 kilometers from Batumi, and 24 kilometers from Kobuleti. Ethnological, ecological and bird watching tours can be arranged in the Kintrishi Protected Area. Also in the territory of the reserve you can see Lake Tbikeli, which is inhabited by the red-listed Caucasian Triton. Here you will meet Lake Didvake, and near the reserve, Lake Sidzerdzali.
  • Batumi National Park - located in Adjara, 9 km from the city of Batumi, between the confluence of the Chakvistskali River and Green Cape. The garden occupies about 1 km of the south-western part of the sea shoreline, which extends from 0-220 meters above sea level. It’s one of the richest botanical gardens in the world, founded in 1912, by a recognized classic of botany and physical geography, Andrei Krasnov. In the not-too-distant past it was completely covered with Colchian-type forests: beech, chestnut, lime and evergreen undergrowth.
  • Kapnistavi - a village in Adjara, in Khelvachauri municipality, Adjaristskali community. Located on the right bank of the river Adjaristskali, 360 m above sea level. It is 26 kilometers away from Batumi. This place is called "The village of Seven Waterfalls", which adds to its uniqueness. Lots of picnic areas immersed in the diverse nature create an ideal atmosphere.
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