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Investment in Batumi - one of the best investment cities in Europe

Batumi is a city with an ancient history in the southwestern part of Georgia, on the coast of the Black Sea. The city has become an international tourist destination and one of the most important business centers in the Caucasus region, the pace of its development has increased significantly and is reaching new milestones every year. The seaside city is known as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Georgia thanks to its unique combination of old and new architectural buildings, cultural heritage sites, beautiful sea views, European-style architecture and cultural diversity. With seaside boulevard, European squares and streets, world-brand high-class hotels and cafes, Batumi is the best image of modern Georgia, the rich and ancient history of which attracts many historians and researchers from different parts of the world.

In recent years, Batumi has become very interesting for people who want to invest their capital in real estate. This city is really extraordinary for getting stable income from your investments as it has a favorable and stable environment for business. The legislation of Georgia guarantees both the citizens of Georgia and of other countries that the investments made in the territory of Georgia will be strictly protected by the relevant authorities.



If you are still looking for a place that will be attractive, profitable, promising and at the same time modern, Batumi is the right place. Located between Europe and Asia, the city is well accessible by sea, land and air, allowing the region to be seamlessly involved in international transactions. Compared to most European countries, real estate prices in Batumi are low and there is a great rental perspective. In addition, registering a property in Batumi is so easy, it only takes a few minutes. Owning a property here allows you to obtain a residence permit and manage your property legally without the hassle, while not incurring property tax.

If you are still looking for a place where you can invest your finances safely, stably and profitably, Batumi is definitely the city you need.


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