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Ispani swamp

The world's only filtering sphagnum swamp is located in Adjara, in the Kobuleti protected area, three hundred meters from the Black Sea coast. Since 1997, the swamp has been a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar II Convention in Spain. It preserves important archaeological sights and settlements dating back to IV-III centuries BC.

The world's most intact, living sphagnum peatland looks like a lake at first glance, with a blanket of 25-45 cm thick sphagnum above the soil surface. With water, sphagnum forms a smooth dome that acts like a sponge and is never covered by water. Sphagnum moss absorbs water, which is why it can hold a much larger amount of water compared to its volume. In particular, it absorbs 25 times more water than its own weight. Ispani peatland is also an inexhaustible source of oxygen and plays an important role in the carbon cycle. It is the diverse sphagnum of the swamps that protects Kobuleti from floods.

The swamp is a refuge for many birds that migrate to the area in winter. Especially interesting is the fact that together with representatives of the northern flora, such as sphagnum, royal fern and Drosera, there are also elements of the Kolkhetian flora.

If you decide to visit the protected area of ​​Kobuleti, here you will find beautiful nature, organized paths that will allow you to make educational and scientific tours. In the protected area of ​​Kobuleti, it is also possible to rent swamp skis and walk on sphagnum peatland, which will create unforgettable memories and adventures.

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