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Batumi architecture

With its old and new architectural buildings, ancient port, botanical garden and boulevard, European squares and streets, world-class high-class hotels of world brand, cafes and bars, Batumi is one of the most distinctive places in the entire Black Sea region.

Architectural monuments and places to see here:

  • House with the Atlanteans

One of the most beautiful houses in Batumi is located at the intersection of Konstantine Gamsakhurdia and Memed Abashidze streets. The Renaissance-Baroque style building, the façade of which is decorated with the Atlanteans, was built at the end of the 19th century by Niko Sabashvili, a businessman from Batumi. Atlanteans and home decoration design are owned by Serafiime Pololikashvili, a newly arrived artist-sculptor from Paris at that time. Serafime also participated in the decoration of the facade of the Batumi Catholic Church.

  • Batumi Municipality Assembly building

At #45 Lado Asatiani Str., there is a building with distinctive architecture, in which the Batumi Municipality Assembly is located today.

  • Former Catholic Church

On Zubalashvili Street you will see a Gothic-style building with impressive architecture, which housed the Catholic Church until 1989. Construction of the church began in 1897 at the initiative of the Catholic parish. Stefane Zubalashvili, one of the richest merchants of Georgia at that time, made a great contribution to the construction of the temple. Construction was completed in 1902.

  • Synagogue

One of the main charms of Batumi is its eclecticism. At #33 Vazha-Pshavela Street you will find a synagogue built a century ago. At the end of the 19th century, the Jews living in Batumi asked the Russian emperor to build a synagogue. Soon the construction began, and in 1904 the synagogue was opened.



  • Puppet Theatre

Memed Abashidze str. #49 is one of the most interesting and beautiful buildings in Batumi, in which the Batumi Puppet and Youth State Theatre is located today.

  • Batumi Mosque

Batumi Mosque - Orta Jame is located on Kutaisi Street in Batumi, Adjara. It is one of the oldest buildings in Batumi, it was built during the Ottoman rule, in 1866. Orta Jama is a typical example of Late Ottoman provincial architecture. Its interior was painted with oriental ornaments by Laz masters. The golden dome and high, white minaret of the building attract attention from afar and play an essential role in creating the multicultural urban environment of Batumi.

  • Batumi lighthouse

The first lighthouse was built here in 1863, it was a cast iron column on which a dioptric lamp was mounted. In 1882, the old building was rebuilt by French constructors, who built an octagonal stone lighthouse and erected a small cylindrical tower on top of it, where the lighting fixture was placed. It has been directing ships entering the Black Sea for more than 150 years, with its light reaching 14 nautical miles.

  • Batumi Unique Neo-Gothic Cathedral - Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral

It is a cultural heritage site of national importance. Built in the early 20th century, the temple has both architectural and artistic value. The church was built in 1897 by the patron brothers Zubalashvili. The building is built in neo-Gothic style and has three domes.

The neo-Gothic style hall church is built of white stone, while the decorative elements are made of red stone. The temple is decorated with two exquisite towers and colorful stained glass windows, which create an elevated and mystical atmosphere. The façade of the building is decorated with statues of saints, while the interior is decorated with scenes from the Old and New Testaments.

  • Batumi Piazza

It is distinguished by artistic, mosaic and stained glass works of art. The square is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, hotels, a children's entertainment center, clocks with moving figures, a cascade of buildings - built like little Italy, live music in the evenings and more.

This square with the largest figurative marble mosaic in Europe is another favorite gathering place for Batumi residents and its guests.

The concept of the mosaic is a combination of the eternal movement of Sea elements and the continuous development of the modern urban space. The composition of the mosaic is eight circles of different diameters, which are placed directly in each other, reminiscent of the force of water on the calm surface of the sea. All circles are decorated with various ornamental and figurative elements.



  • Batumi Catholic Church

It was built in 2000 by Batumi Catholics. The church was blessed by the Transcaucasian administrator, Reverend Giuseppe Pazoto.

  • Astronomical clock

Architectural landmark on the territory of old Batumi, located on the reconstructed tower of the National Bank of Georgia.

Equipped with a special mechanism, the "astronomical clock", which, in parallel with the display of real time, allows us to understand astronomical information. Namely: the location of the sun, moon, zodiac constellations and planets. It also shows the meridian, the horizon, the movement of the sun at sunrise and sunset, the age of the moon, and the actual motion of the moon around the earth.

  • Neptune Fountain

Monumental fountain, located in front of the Batumi Drama Theater, in the square, in the city of Batumi. It consists of 5 fragments, in the center of which is a statue of a gilded Neptune standing on a pedestal, and around it is a fountain, which is a composition of four mermaid figures.

  • Statue of Medea

Monument to the hero of Greek mythology, Princess Medea of ​​Colchis, in the Georgian city of Batumi, on Freedom Square, close to the astronomical clock and the statue of Neptune.

  • Statue of Ali and Nino

The moving sculptural composition on Batumi Boulevard is one of the sights of the Georgian Black Sea resort.

  • Colonnades

For decades, Batumi Boulevard has been growing and its sights have changed, but the colonnade has never lost its relevance and has become one of the visiting cards of our city.

The project of antique style colonnades was brought from Italy in 1930 by Batumi doctor Ivane Mchedlidze with the help of Maxim Gorky.

  • Chacha Tower

The tower is an exact copy of the building that decorated the city of Batumi in the early 20th century.

In order to attract tourists, the Georgian alcoholic drink "Chacha" is poured from the tower once a week for 10-15 minutes. The height of the Chacha tower is 25 meters in total, the main dome is 25 meters high and the other 4 domes are 5 meters high. A clock is installed on the 18th meter of the tower. The building is surrounded by 4 pools, from where the chacha will flow through specially placed sensory devices. Tasting of chacha is free here and all guests can taste and evaluate this Georgian drink.

  • Alphabet Tower

The tower is one of the best modern architectural buildings dedicated to the Georgian alphabet.

The Alphabet Tower is located on the city's seafront, on the boulevard. It is one of the best places to see the panoramas of the city. It is a unique building that has no analogues.

There is a ball on top of the building, which is placed on three floors:

•  First floor - is nothing but an elevator that can take you to the second and third floors;

•  On the second floor there is a coffee shop, a souvenir shop, a photo exhibition of Batumi, an information-tourist zone, a rotating panoramic restaurant, an open terrace and an observatory. The panoramic restaurant rotates 360 degrees and allows guests to see the views of Batumi for one hour. The tower also has a conference hall and VIP rooms;

•  The third floor was built for technical reasons, there is a counter weight, it helps the tower not to slip because the beach where it stands is always windy.

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